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Luma Live Wallpaper 2.0.5

ScreenShot of Luma Live Wallpaper 2.0.5 by flowloop === NOW ICS COMPATIBLE === Please note that Luma now requires OpenGL ES2.0, which is available on all devices running Android 2.2 and above. Luma is a colorful, interactive live wallpaper featuring beautiful combinations of drifting shapes and colors. With literally hundreds of combinations, it's like having 500 live wallpapers in one. Designed to match your style ============================ Luma comes with a set of designer themes that are made to match a range of homescreen themes and styles. Transform your screen into a beautiful mosaic of moving shapes and color. You can further customize the look of Luma with an easy selection of options. Create or generate your own color scheme, change the types of shapes, and even the way they move across your screen. Brush your fingers across the...
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ScreenShot of Shapes by Digital Idea Solutions, Inc Shapes is a great didactic game for kids to be entertained while learning at the same time. With Shapes, your kid will learn the main colors, shapes, sizes, and repetition. You have full control of which instruction types Shapes ask your child, as well as whether to include "hints" or read the question out loud, among other features. Colors included: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Yellow. Shapes included: Circle, Square, Star, Triangle. Features: - Read out loud - Enable/disable hints - Choose the question types - Choose number of questions - Random set of questions everytime - Random set of colors and shapes everytime - Guaranteed fun - Guaranteed learning
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My Underwear 1.0

ScreenShot of My Underwear 1.0 by Thumb Arcade DO play My Underwear. DON’T say that out loud! The mere mention of the word "Underwear" triggers the giggle reflex from children of all ages. Pair that with Todd Parr's trademark, colorful artwork and the wild hi-jinx of Thumb Arcade, and the result is a recipe for hilarity and fun! 'My Underwear' is not just a safe and silly game for your toddler to grade-schooler. It's four fantastic games that make your child smile, laugh and cheer. It's also gently challenging hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills and pattern recognition. All the while your child is immersed in and interacting with Todd’s wonderful art. •Finger paint your own underwear design; maybe even share your art with Grandma. •Match the underwear to Todd's lovable creatures by colors and shapes...
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UFO Holic 1.2.0

ScreenShot of UFO Holic 1.2.0 by innoace UFO Holic is a game in which you are an alien, invading the Green Planet. Put fear and chaos in the hearts of the [Mogs] living happily on Green Planet. Fly countless UFOs over their cities and abduct them. Create worm holes in midair, and toss the Mogs inside. Your faithful UFOs will bring them to the mothership. They will scream, fall in mayhem and resist, but you don't care. You are the great alien invading the Green Planet. Abduct all [Mogs] on the Green Planet and conquer the world! Features 1. Gameplay method is different in day and night. In the daytime, UFOs abduct the [Mogs]. UFOs will move along the route that you draw for them with your fingers. If you are careful to avoid UFOs from colliding with each other, you will be able to eradicate the stupid [Mogs] from their city. In the...
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Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO Key 1.1

ScreenShot of Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO Key 1.1 by Wro Claw Studio S.C. This the unlocker for Puzzle Alarm Clock FREE, and you need to have it installed to use it: ------------------------------------- We know some of you have problems with getting up in the morning, and we want to change it! Puzzle Alarm Clock will check if you're awake enough before you're allowed to turn an alarm off. With exceptional design and 9 possible alarm configurations, Puzzle Alarm Clock is a must-have app for all Android users. Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO features: • Random puzzles with every alarm (math equation, memory cards, colors and shapes, captcha), • 3 puzzle difficulty levels, • 3 soothing melodies in Calm mode for soft alarms, • Increasing alarm volume, • Loud explosion sound...
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Professional Police Training

ScreenShot of Professional Police Training by GameVision P.P.T., abbr. for Professional Police Training, is a challenging and intensive shooting game. It's simple, easy to start, quick pacing but HARD. The goal is finish all five training programs, which focus on different aspects as what police schools are generally doing (trust us). You will tell how hard to be a sharp shooter in police force with this game. We will give you a rank based on your scores after you finished this tough training. Good Luck! Training programs include: 1. Accuracy. You cannot waste your bullets. Remember "One shot one hit". 2. Reaction. Shoot the targets as fast as you can. 3. Color and Shape. Test out your sense about colors and shapes. 4. Judgment. When you see a hostage situation in your scope, what you gonna do? 5. Speed. Terrorist can run fast, but...
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Puzzle Rocks

ScreenShot of Puzzle Rocks by CINEMAX Puzzle Rocks is on sale until August 31, 2009. Get it while it's hot! Save 66%! Question: How to keep your brain active during the holiday break? Answer: Play Puzzle Rocks! Stop the falling stones! Match colors and shapes in this turn-based stress-free casual game. Take your time to find the best strategy, improve your moves and make as many matches as possible during a single to turn to raise your score. Do you have what it takes to get through 27 various levels?
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123 Color HD: Premium Edition, Talking Coloring Book 2.0.17

ScreenShot of 123 Color HD: Premium Edition, Talking Coloring Book 2.0.17 by Steve Glinberg *** 40% OFF SALE, ON NOW *** IN CELEBRATION OF BEING FEATURED ON APPLE'S NEW & NOTEWORTHY APPS LIST • Woman's Day names 123 Color the #1 app for kids during road trips. • The New York Times says 123 Color HD is, "nice for introducing the sound of a new language."• says, with 123 Color HD, "Kids can let their inner Picasso shine."• 123 Color HD becomes the App Store's #1 ranked education app. • 123 Color was named #1 art app for kids by -- 123 Color teaches numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Hebrew with engaging artwork, voice-overs, music, sound effects, and animation. At the request of parents and teachers who want all 35 coloring books (sold...
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Fish School HD - by Duck Duck Moose 1.1

ScreenShot of Fish School HD - by Duck Duck Moose 1.1 by Duck Duck Moose, Partnership Welcome to Fish School – with letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, and more! ★★★ 2011 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation ★★★ Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award Brought to you by the creators of Wheels on the Bus, an award-winning, educational iPhone app – featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Gizmodo, Discovery Channel,,, and Daily Candy. "a magical experience" -- USA Today: 4 out of 4 stars “Combining education with imagination, this is a must-have app for early learners.” -- ParentDish "Grade: A... teaching toddlers and preschoolers about the alphabet and counting while still letting them...
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OmniGraffle for ipad 1.4

ScreenShot of OmniGraffle for ipad 1.4 by The Omni Group Need to create a quick diagram, process chart, page layout, website wireframe, or graphic design? With OmniGraffle, your iPad touch screen is your canvas (or graph paper, or whiteboard, or cocktail napkin . . .). OmniGraffle knows what makes a diagram different from a drawing, so it knows how to help you make superior documents quickly: it keeps lines connected to shapes even when they're moved, it provides stencils full of objects for you to drag and drop, and it can magically organize diagrams so your ideas come to life. Using simple multitouch gestures, draw shapes, drag in objects, and style everything until it's just right. Smart guides help you organize your document in a flash, and automatic layout gives you a powerful shortcut to the perfect diagram layout. When you're done, share ...
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